Gardens of Menton 2014/15 - Gianne de Genevraye
This is a very ambitious project to paint at least 3 paintings in each of the four municiapl gardens of the City of Menton on the French Riviera, just before the Italian border.  This city is famous for its citrus gardens and gardens created by the English that wintered there in the 19th century.  Menton, the "Pearl of France" boasts the most days of sunshine in France.
I will be painting at the Serre de la Madone (where they have generously given the hot house as my studio space), at the Palais Carnolès Garden that is the botanical home to a "citrus bank" unique in the world, Rosa Fontana Garden, and Maria Serena Garden.  Menton, France is Sister Cities with Laguna Beach, California, where I am also in residency for 2015, with that exposition planned for beginning of April to end of May.  I am in negociations for an international joint exhibition with paintings from the two cities......
bassin devant la Serre.jpg
The bassin at the Serre de la Madone garden
this is in front of my atelier
facade Serre de la Madone.jpg
The hot house , my studio in the Serre de la Madone Garden
Bird of Paradise in the Palais Carnolès
Leucandendron in the Serre de la Madone
Pyrosthegia in the Serre de la Madone
Grand Vasque 2.jpg
Irisine and Vasque, hanging in the  hot house at the Serre de la Madone
Nerines final.jpg
Citronnier au Palais Carnolès.jpg
Citronniers painted at the Carnolès Palace in Menton,
hanging in the hot house of the Serre de la Madone Garden
" depis Carnolès.jpg
Citronniers (Citrus Trees) and "Le Berceau" (Cradle)  mountain
Painted at the Carnolès Palace, shown in the hot house at the Serre de la Madone Garden