Gianne de Genevraye - Gianne de Genevraye

Gianne de Genevraye: Contemporary Nature Painter
Why I Paint
I paint and exhibit internationally to bring a message of sustainability, accessibility and beauty to my patrons, collectors and viewers.
Sustainability. As a California native, I've seen how nature is manipulated in ways that are environmentally unsuitable: green lawns and rose gardens in the desert, and tropical plantings sustained by copious amounts of potable water. As I paint around the world, I see that the most beautiful gardens…indeed the most perfect places…are all suited exactly to their environment and are not forced. Climate change is altering world environments: California is experiencing its most severe and prolonged drought in recent history and population pressures will continue to put a premium on water sources. It has become abundantly clear to me the most beautiful and perfect of gardens of today and tomorrow will be composed of sustainable native and water friendly plants. I celebrate this trend in my painting by focusing on sustainable plants in the environments they thrive in.
Accessibility. I paint and exhibit in public gardens and spaces with the intent to show my work to a broader audience. Painting in public spaces gives me the opportunity to not only interact with the public, but also provide the viewer with a new way of seeing forms, shapes, color and the sculptural aspect of the natural world. Accessible art means the pieces challenge, but don't intimidate the viewer. My painting broadens and contemporizes the scope of plein air painting from tightly rendered brush strokes and compositions which puts the viewer outside of the frame looking in, to a broader and looser brush technique that draws the viewer into the painting. My paintings show the immediacy of a moment in time captured as nature is changing the very composition. Capturing a moment between the pulse of change is immensely satisfying to the viewer because it means there is always something new to be seen in the garden: it is a never ending source of delight and discovery.
Beauty. There was a time when the idea of native plants was "weeds and cactus." Today, the Mediterranean biotope native garden is filled with succulents, grasses and desert exotics with some of the most exquisite blooms and sculptural forms on the planet. The native garden tends to have singular plants with spectacular focal points. My paintings bring the beauty of native plans to the viewer and inculcate a desire to re-create the splendor of the native garden in their own setting. I believe the native garden is the place where we are most closely aligned with our creator. Man is truly meant to live in the garden. My paintings celebrate the garden in the public places we visit and creates a desire to bring that beauty home so that it surrounds us.
The public gardens of the world are my canvas to bring a message of sustainability, accessibility and beauty to people. 

Upcoming Expositions and Residencies

Upcoming Expositions and Residencies

I will be working on an exhibition on Water in Orange County, California for a possible exhibition in 2020

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Interview at Bagatelle Parc


PRESENTATION at the Newport Library Show (30 minutes)